It's not always necessary to have a full mudlogging unit on every job. PetroLogging's Digital Cabin provides a cost effective alternative. It is a self-contained, scaled-back mudlogging unit that can be easily mobilized on short notice and transported to the location.


The technician working in the cabin ensures all wellsite data, including specialized logging-while-drilling (LWD) data is acquired and transmitted continuously to the Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) and Geosteering Operations Center (GOC).

The Digital Cabin contains computer systems that enables the technician to monitor the information coming directly from the rig sensors and perform Data Quality and Assurance of the real-time data including making certain the sensors on the rig are performing within their calibrated specifications.

The technician recalibrates any data that appears to be outside expected norms to ensure the highest quality. Data being received is available in real-time to the Company Man, driller and onsite drilling engineer.

The cabin is unique in that it has sophisticated software that performs predictive data analytics on drilling, mechanical and geological data and is capable of alerting the driller of geological and safety concerns so preventive action can be taken.

Each cabin is fitted with a wash station and a high-resolution, digital microscope with camera so cuttings can be washed, photographed and sent to the geologist in the operations center for analysis. A plotter is also available where logs can be printed in real-time.