UniDAQ unit photo

UniDAQ unit photo


Universal Data Acquisition – Integrated System with Analytics on the Edge

UniDAQ is a universal data acquisition device that acquires sensor and field equipment data from a variety of data sources on any site. It simplifies data acquisition by providing one integrated system. Data is acquired using standard industrial methods and protocols, analogue, digital, Modbus and OPC among others. It translates and presents readings and selected metadata via an embedded OPC UA server. This provides easy access for 3rd party applications and devices with a standardized, secure, widely accepted OPC protocol.

Powerful Edge Analytics for more efficient decision-making

UniDAQ is capable of oil industry Edge Analytics, performing complex calculations and analytics at the data acquisition level in real-time. It presents calculated variables as additional data streams for immediate viewing and informed decision-making. This allows for fast predictive analysis, identification of potential problems before they occur, and optimization of the operational process directly on-site.

Scalability Designed to fit any Configuration

The system offers a scalable, modular solution that provides acquisition and analytics from small remote monitoring devices of a small subset of sensors, to full rig set-ups with 100+ data streams. This enables standardization across asset fleets for data analysis, remote configuration and predictive maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed data acquisition
  • Standard protocols – analogue, digital, Modbus, OPC and more
  • Easy access for 3rd party applications
  • Powerful Edge Analytics for more efficient decision-making
  • Fast, predictive analysis to identify problems as and even before they occur
  • Scalability designed to fit any configuration

Edge Analytics Services

  • Hydraulics Analysis
  • Stick Slip / Vibration Analysis
  • Torque & Drag Analysis
  • Swab & Surge Analysis
  • Automated Tripping Analysis
  • Dynamic Alerts and Predictive Events
  • Manage By Exception
  • ROP Optimization
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UniDAQ Data Flow - enabling Edge Analytics
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