Petrologging Services offer a comprehensive set of hardware and software solutions to MWD Service Companies.

Utilizing an array of focused gamma ray devices, and high quality trajectory calculation and visualization tools, PetroLogging Services provides a cost-effective alternative to more expensive downhole devices.

Measurement While Drilling System

The MWD is a positive pulse system with minimum moving parts for extended downhole life and simple maintenance. This uniquely flexible design is capable for use in drill collar sizes from 88.9mm (3.50in.) up to and including 228mm (11.0in.). The system is fully retrievable and replaceable via wireline. The pulser is located on the lower end of the tool and fits into an orienting flow restrictor sub. The remainder is centered in a standard non-magnetic drill collar.

Our MWD tooling uses high quality Tensor sensor units and allows for high quality data in harsh drilling environments. The Tensor Tri-Axial accelerometer measures three orthogonal axes of inclination (Gx, Gy, Gz) - three of these accelerometers are used to make up the inclinometer that outputs the surveyed inclination. The Tensor Tri-Axial magnetometer measures three orthogonal axes or magnetic bearing (Bx, By, Bz) - these units have a wide operating range of +/- 100,000nT. The magnetometer outputs the surveyed azimuth reading.