Stay in the zone

Drilling a borehole in complex geology requires continued adjustment in order to reach one or more reservoir targets. Petrologging supplies software solutions that bring all relevant data together in one place, giving the MWD Service Company team shared access to the real-time information that is needed to keep the borehole in zone and on target.

Petrologging Software Modules provide the capability to integrate other key drilling and geological data to enable the drilling of the ideal well trajectory.

An integrated Chat System enables the MWD Engineer, Directional Driller, Company Man and other key staff to communicate seamlessly and ensure maximum cooperation and instant decision making.

Integration with Well Plans and Earth Models

The Petrologging Software Modules allow for multiple Geosteering techniques to be used.

Where there is no available Earth Model, the Directional Driller or MWD Engineer can build the Geosteering forward path based upon available formation tops and the actual well path. This technique is most applicable to Unconventional plays where it is necessary to remain in the best part of the Shale Oil or Gas formation.

In more complex environments, and where there is information available from an Operator Earth Model, the extracted surface information can be integrated into the 2-Dimensional Geosteering Display for extremely accurate forward path prediction.

Wellsite Aggregation and Display

The Petrologging Aggregation and Visualisation Solution allows the MWD contractor to acquire and display data from other wellsite contractors as required. Data can be received directly from rig sensors in all standard raw protocols, in WITS or any of the currently supported WITSML data formats including the most recent Energistics Transport Protocol (ETP) format.

Image plots of Gamma, resistivity or other downhole tool data can be plotted on the wellsite or at the Operator location. A unique Dipmeter picker allows for the calculation of formation dip which is then plotted on a Tadpole plot.


  • Communication between directional driller, geologist, RTOC's and drilling – increased collaboration
  • Improved drilling efficiency through on-time complementary information and expertise to your drilling department
  • Cost reduction through on-demand remote or on-site geosteering expertise
  • Increased efficiency in complex well placement operations
  • Maximized hydrocarbon recovery
  • Extension of well life and delay of water production
  • Easily allows for multiple interpretations and snapshots of changes throughout the life of the project
  • Monitor from any device, Geosteer from any PC or MS Surface tablet – access anywhere
  • Helps reduce NPT
  • Improved workflows
  • Reduces business continuity need for other expensive 3rd party software